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The original magic of Eisen before the Rilasciare destroyed it.


Zerstorung is drawn from The Sorcerer Pact; where the ancient Numan Senetors drew power from the Syrneth for some unknown cost.


Extinct and forgotten. Few remember what it could even do, much less how to use it.


Zerstorung is said to have been able to turn anything to dust with a touch, save Dracheneisen, Syrneth Artifacts, and Water.


Stage 1: It's said that the first stage of Zerstorung allowed the user to corrode any wooden object up to the size of a human until it became brittle and unusable in 10 seconds.

Stage 2: It's said that at this stage the magic could corrode any inannimate object (save Dracheneisen) of up to a one foot cube into rust or dust.

Stage 3: The final stage is said in hushed voices to have given the user the ability to use the power on people and animals.