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Thomas is one of the legendary figures of Avalon and a source of Glamour magic.


In the legend of Thomas, he travels to the Sidhe court and there learns to sense and resist magic. When he returns to Theah, he gains great fame combating evil sorcerers.

Glamour Magic Stages[]

By calling upon the magic of Thomas, the Glamour mage gains the ability to detect and negate magic.

Stage 1: When a source of magic comes within thirty feet of you, your left thumb begins to tingle. If any magic tries to affect you, you immediately know what it does.

Stage 2: When any magic is performed within thirty feet of you, you immediately know what it does. You may cancel out one such effect and the person's ability to use the magic once per day.

Stage 3: For one minute per day, you may cancel out all magic within ten feet of you. Any magic that enters the field is canceled as are any ongoing magical effects at the time of use.