The Swordsman's guild is the only group in Theah allowed to duel.


The Swordsman Guild is an international group of which all great swordsmen and swordswomen are a part. They are the only group in Theah allowed to "duel" under any circumstance -a rule agreed upon by all of western Theah. Membership is given to all trained in a sword school, though even untrained prodigies may enter if they can pass the test. It has no agenda or goals save to prevent duels from breaking out all over Theah over trivial matters. They have no code of conduct - they are the most evil thugs in all Theah and the most noble knights of the rose and cross (see above)

At Guild Lodges, members can always find a warm bed and meal at low cost, information, clients, and like minded warriors to learn and teach. The Guild is also the only organization in western Theah, whose members are legally allowed to duel. As a result, many nobles hire out guildsmen to defend their honor at high class parties and as bodyguards. Membership allows even the poorest of farmers children to be able to attend the most extravagant parties and rub shoulder with the most powerful men and women in this half the world. Anyone can become a member of the guild, so long as they can prove their mettle, but school learners are automatically accepted after their "graduation". The Guild is not represented or accepted in the Empire of the Crescent Moon, Cathay, or any of the more distant places of the world.

Most people trained in a School of Fighting that teaches the art of the sword are automatically members after "graduating" due to their masters being affiliated with the guild

Active LocationsEdit

The Swordsman's Guild is accepted in all nations to some degree except The Empire of the Crescent Moon and Cathay

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