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The Stone Knight is one of the legendary figures of Avalon and a source of Glamour magic.


The Stone Knight was legendary for his bravery. After yelling for reinforcement across a hundred miles, he held a narrow pass against an invading army all by himself for a night and a day until help could arrive. However, as soon as he saw his fellow knights standing beside him, he dropped dead of exhaustion.

Glamour Magic Stages[]

By calling upon the magic of The Stone Knight, the Glamour mage gains the ability to emulate the Stone Knight's tale

Stage 1: You gain the ability to yell and have up to five of your allies hear you over any distance.

Stage 2: You feel no fear.

Stage 3: Choose a small patch of ground. So long as you do not move from that patch, you cannot be killed until a sunrise and a sunset have passed. You still take wounds while in this state and once the sunrise and sunset have passed, the wounds affect you as they normally would (even unto death).