The Pirate Nation is a loose coalition of the major bands of pirates.


The Pirate Nation is a coalition of the Pirates of Theah. Power in the nation is determined by wealth, crew size, and reputation. When the nations of Theah move against the pirates, they gather to fight back. This has kept them safe since the new age of piracy began 6 centuries ago. Aside from the gatherings for mutual protection, they serve the more practical function of forming pirate armadas for dangerous targets, gathering crews, and creating a sense of pirate justice (who's rules consist of "Pirates shall not attack other Pirates") Almost all the major pirate groups are represented - even "The Crimson Roger"; the pirate ship of cursed sailors, captained by a man so vile legion spit him back out, has a representative though he only appears sparingly. Other major groups include "The Brotherhood of the Coast", "The Vestenmannavnjar Raiders", and "The Sea Dogs". It was founded by the first pirate of the new age, Captain Phillip Gosse, and any invitation is treated as though it were from him - the reason even The Crimson Roger does not scoff at the coalition.

The only major pirate group not to accept was The Corsairs due to their less-than friendly disposition toward Western Theah.

Active LocationsEdit

All the coastline of Western Theah

Fighting SchoolsEdit

The Pirate Nation has passed the righting school of Captain Rogers down through the ages.

Rogers - Rogers, as you might expect, is the very first fencing style and is based around dirty fighting with a Rapier. It hasn't changed much over the centuries and is therefore somewhat weaker than the mainland styles, but maintains its edge on the sea where; no matter the state of the ocean, the stances are strong.


While many crews are represented in the Pirate Nation, several groups are more prominent than others. These are the most powerful pirate groups in the nation, in decreasing order of prestige.

  1. The Crimson Roger
  2. The Brotherhood of the Coast
  3. The Sea Dogs
  4. The Vestenmannavnjar Raiders
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