The Knights of the Table are an order of knights, similar to The Knights of the Rose and Cross, but loyal to the Avalon royal family. They are friendly rivals of The Knights of the Rose and Cross due to their similar missions.


The Knights of the Table are an order of knights, native to Avalon and loyal to Queen Elaine. Each knight is sworn to hold up the code of chivalry. Unlike The Knights of the Rose and Cross, all members must meet certain requirements to join.

  1. You must be from Avalon, The Highland Marches, or Inismore.
  2. You must sware an oath of allegiance to Queen Elaine promising to defend Avalon from any threat.
  3. All members must be of the Donovan, MacDonald, or Goodfellow school of war or otherwise have Glamour magic.
  4. All members work under one of the Twelve head Knights of the Table from whom they receive their missions.
  5. All members must adhere to a strict code of honor at all times. Failure to do so is grounds for expulsion from the Order.
  6. You cannot be a member of the Knights of the Rose and Cross.

Knights are expected to honor Avalon, fight for justice, and do all things expected of the noble order.

The Vow of the Knights of the TableEdit

Before Her Majesty the Queen and all the Triple kingdoms, I solemnly swear to:

Defend justice wherever I find myself, be it land, sea, or sky;

Uphold the laws of Avalon and protect her from her enemies;

Protect the innocent and those incapable of protecting themselves;

Exemplify the honor and nobility of the Glamour Isles in my thoughts, words, and deeds;

And defend Her Majesty the Queen from all foes, foreign and domestic.

This I vow in the name of the High King, Her Majesty, and the Triple Kingdoms.

Active LocationsEdit

Most Knights of the Table are active in Avalon, though occasional missions take them outside their borders.

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