An order for a more civilized time.


The Knightly Order of the Rose and Cross is an apolitical group dedicated to righting wrongs wherever they may occur. Though based in Montaigne, so far they have stayed out of the war as they have a presence in all nations (limited in Avalon)  they agree to follow the knightly code of chivalry. They are frendily rivals of The Knights of the Table

The only rules of the Knights of the Rose and Cross are to

  1. Defend justice no matter where you find yourself
  2. Uphold the Code of Chivalry
  3. Not be a member of The Knights of the Table

The only way to join the order is by invitation or patronage. Invatations are extended to those the Order deems worthy, though only the Knights know the criteria for membership. Patronage earns you an honorary position within the Order - as well as respect from the Knights - though not access to the secrets of the Order or exemption from their judgement (though when you are wronged, knights have been known to go to great length to aid their patrons).

Active LocationsEdit

The Rose and Cross are prominent in every country except Avalon but are based in Montaigne. Avalon has The Knights of the Table - a similar order devoted to the Avalon royal family - which limits their actions in the nation, but they do maintain a single chapter house in the nation. 

Fighting SchoolsEdit

The Knights of the Rose and Cross have a personal school they teach to their members should they desire it.

Desaix - This fencing style is a modification of Valro ux, using a Rapier and Main Gaunche. The style however is much more manuverable (at the cost of heavier strikes). It focuses on parrying, feinting, and quick, precise strikes.

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