The elite fighting force and royal guards of Eisen, this organization is split into seven parts - each serves to a different Eisenfurst.


Originally, these warriors served the Eisen Imperator as royal guards, keepers of justice, protectors of Dracheneisen mines, and the elite forces of the Eisen military. Since the War of the Cross tore the nation to pieces, the guards have for the most part remained as they were; they just have seven princes to protect instead of just one.

The guards are specifically loyal to the Eisen Imperator and only serve the Eisenfursten in his or her absence. If at any point, one of the Eisenfursts (or anyone else for that matter) can make a legitimate, unquestionable claim to the throne, the Iron Guards would return to their duties as the royal fighting force. For the time being, this seems unlikely so they content themselves serving their normal tasks and protecting the highest tier of Eisen nobility.

Different factions of the Iron Guard have fought each other in recent years as the political landscape has changed (for instance one group might follow one Eisenfurst's claim of land to attack while another might defend the same land's Dracheneisen supply) but such conflicts have been thankfully rare.

Specific OrdersEdit

The Iron Guard's seven orders are:

The Wily Foxes who serve Eisenfurst Fischler

The Wachthunds (Watchdogs) who serve Eisenfurst Freiburg

The Steel Warriors who serve Eisenfurst Hainzl

The Ghosts who serve Eisenfurst Heilgrund

The Swamp Dogs who serve Eisenfurst Posen

The Clenched Fists who serve Eisenfurst Sieger

The Roaring Drachen who serve Eisenfurst  Wische

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