No one expects them.

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The Inquisition is the sorcery fighting arm of the Vaticine Church. They were created by the Third Prophet and are answerable only to the Hierophant. All Vaticines are expected to aid them however possible since destorying the taint of Legion is a major goal of the Church.

Ideally; anyone unfit to lead the inquistion whether because of ambition or poor decisions could be removed by the Hierophant at a whim.

Since the death of the Hierophant however, the Inquisition has had free reign over the church and has taken a greater amount of leeway in carrying out its orders. Now, the Inquisition hunts anyone percieved as enemy of the church. Their leadrr, Cardinal Verdugo, has no one to keep him in check, so he has set about recrafting the church for the coming of the Fourth and final Prophet.

Active LocationsEdit

The Inquisition is active in all Vaticine lands. Castille takes the brunt of the Inquisition, but Vodacce and Eisen are hardly spared. They have a somewhat looser grip on Avalon and the Vendel/Vestenmannavnjar given their ambivolence to the church, and no authority in Ussura, Cathay, or The Empire of the Crescent Moon. They activly fight the Montaigne armies, though they have no power in Montaigne itself.

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