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The Horned Hunter is one of the legendary figures of Avalon and a source of Glamour magic


The legends surrounding The Horned Hunter describe him as a warrior of enormous strength and stamina. He could leap great distances, hurl huge boulders, and survive terrible blows that could carve a lesser man in two.

Glamour Magic Stages[]

By calling upon the magic of The Horned Hunter, the Glamour mage gains the emense strength and stamina

Stage 1: Your strength increases ten fold for any action of sustained strength. This means you could lift a boulder but it wouldn't increase your ability to harm people with a weapon (since a weapon attack isn't a sustained force)

Stage 2: You gain the ability to resist the effects of wounds for longer than a normal person of your size.

Stage 3: Your improved strength now extends to all acts of strength - including contests of strength and attacks.