The Explorer's Society is a multi-national group dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the past


The Explorer's Society is an international group dedicated to digging up the ruins of the past to understand what came before - whether that is Numan, or Syrneth. they are made up of scholars, archaeologists, adventurers, and noblemen each seeking what they desire from the ruins. Some seek only the powerful artifacts left behind by the Syrneth, others knowledge, others more arcane reasons, others just simple wealth and prestige. they have access to resources that rival that of nations and churches.

Active LocationsEdit

The Explorer's Society is active in all countries except Cathay, though they are most active in Castille, Eisen Montaigne, Vodacce, and their home of Avalon

Fighting SchoolsEdit

The Explorer's Society has managed, over the years, to construct two schools of fighting

Shield Man - Shield Men are the muscle of the organization, protecting the more scholarly explorers no matter the situation. They are trained to keep in perfect shape and fight dirty with anything on hand.

Syrneth Tinkerer - Tinkerer's aren't so much a school of fighting as a school of surviving. They use academic knowledge to activate ancient Syrneth devices to protect themselves.

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