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No pirate crew is more feared than The Crimson Roger and no Captain - no man in all Theah - is feared more than its Captain Reis. the Crimson Roger has been since off the coast of all nations in Western Theah (and likely The Empire of the Crescent Moon), though he seems more common in the waters of nations with large amounts of Syrneth ruins


The legend of Captain Reis and The Crimson Roger started circulating in 1656, though he and the Crimson Roger had been pirates far longer. Reis was descriped as a blood-drinking, soul-stealing demon form the Abyss. They say he was once a man, but he was so evil that Legion himself spit the man back out. That say the ship spews fire from it's bow.

Little hard truth is known about Reis or The Crimson Roger. Very few survive encounters with the vessel and it's crew and those that do have a tendancy to die very shortly after their escape. Rumor has it that no person who's seen the Crimson Roger survives a week. The lack of people to disagree seem to support the notion.

Reis has shown a strange facination with Syrneth artifacts and seems to collect them. No one knows where (or if) the vessel makes port.


All that's known about the organization and tactics of the Crimson Roger and it's crew are that they kill everyone they meet and Reis captains his ship with all the power of an evil god.

The Crimson Roger is a major member of The Pirate Nation due to Reis's infamous reputation