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The Corsairs are a group of pirates active off the coast of Vodacce and The Empire of the Crescent Moon. Their leader is a Captain Kheired-Din


Captain Kheired-Din has amassed a fleet of enormous size through kidnapping and tyrantical control of his crew.

Over the years, Kheired-Din has kidnapped hundreds of Theans. He forces these people to build his ships; a process that takes eight months. Thereafter, the forced labourers act as rowers aboard the vessel they constructed until their expended.

Using this method, Kheired-Din has managed to create over sixty ships, including his flag ship the Strange Seas.

Kheired-Din's goal's are unclear, but they seem to be related to "bringing about the next age of the world, where Theus's angels shall rise into the skies." Despite his apparent religious leanings, he is an enemy of bothThe Church of the Second Prophet and The Vaticine Church.


The Corsairs are a strict hierarchy. At the bottom are the slave rowers. Above them are the Marines, who do most of the fighting. These pirates are loyal to their pay and little else. Above them are the officers who are loyal to either Kheired-Din or his cause. Finally Kheired-Din himself is the captain of the Strange Seas, teh flag ship of his fleet. Only on this vessel are the entire crew - from officers down to rowers - loyal to his every word.

The Corsairs have proven adept at using the weather to their advantage and bypassing Vodacce and Vaticine fleets. The Corsairs depend on their tactics and knowledge to win fights, but in a pinch the Strange Sea is known to have several powerful Syrneth artifacts - mot notably one which can summon "living fire"

The Corsairs are not a part of The Pirate Nation