The Church of the Second Prophet is the official religion of The Empire of the Crescent Moon

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This church follows only the teachings of the first and second prophets, ignoring the third. They view the Vaticine and Objectionists as infidels, the Ussura as blasphemers, and everyone else as pagans. Each religion returns much the same insult. No one knows who started the conflict between the churches, but it is here to stay. Despite the arguments to the contrary, the Vaticine church is almost identical to the church of the second prophet - only ritual and leadership differences exist - even the books are almost the same. The Church of the Second Prophet is somewhat less violent then the Vaticine Church.

Associated Magic: Faith in TheusEdit

Having faith in Theus is a difficult thing. Unlike the other "magics", Faith provides no tangible, visible, or measurable effect. It has no stages, no special powers, or proof that it even does anything. Yet, many people believe it provides some benefit, even if they never see it directly.

Special: Faith in Theus may or may not have an effect - you will need to have faith to see if it does. It is not treated as a normal magic in that it requires no training and therefore does not qualify as full or half magic (it is effectively free). It can be picked up by anyone who does not use the magics above and follows the tenets of the religion. You do not have to have faith to be a part of any of the churches, though it does help

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