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The Brotherhood of the Coast are a series of pirate vessels acting under a common pact in the southern seas. They attack Vodacce, Montaigne and the occasional Castille vessel. They are known to occasionally make a move in Avalon waters, though this is rare thanks in part to the Sea Dogs.


The Brotherhood is a relatively young pirate group, having only come to prominence (and existence) in the last few years.

Their organization began in 1666 on the Castille prison island of "la Bucca". Prisoners there faked a plague outbreak, tricking the islands guards into abandoning the island (and its prisoners) to their fate.

In the confusion, the prisoners stormed and captured two ships while sinking two others. Before long, the prisoners (who were almost 50% captured pirates and privateers) had transformed the vessels into fighting ships.

The man who led the assault on the ships and engineered the sinking of the two others quickly earned the respect of the prisoners. His name was Allende.

Mustering the prisoners, he declaired the island a new nation - a brotherhood - free from religion, nationality, and original culture, with a duty only to their own well being.


Over the years, the Brotherhood has captured dozens of vessels and more treasure than they know what to do with. Their former prison, already a fortress when they claimed it, has become even better defended and now has a small pirate city within it's small borders. Most gatherings of the Pirate Nation are held within their walls.

The Brotherhood holds to a code for it's continued success as a group. When any vessel surrenders to one of the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood has sworn to spare the crew and leave them with their vessel. For being "free of nations", the Brotherhood Charter is expansive, covering everything fromm how plunder is divided to how long watches are. Each vessel has limited ability to change the code with the consent of the captain and crew and most do. the Brotherhood charter is now so large that it now respembles a constitution more than a charter.

The Brotherhood is known for being remarkably fair to it's "citizens" and honorable to others, even by nation standards. That said, if a vessel fails to surrender, those vessels are often captured and their crew given a choice between becoming pirates or walking the plank.

The Brotherhoods success is due in large part to the work of Captain Allende.

The Brotherhood of the Coast is a major member of The Pirate Nation due to their shear numbers and success.