St. Rogers is one of the legendary figures of Avalon and a source of Glamour magic

History[edit | edit source]

Captain Rogers was the very first pirate of the new age. It's said that his ship was a part of him - two close friends sailing the waves together. Neither man nor woman ever came between them and when Rogers vanished, a storm came quickly to claim his ship as well. Presumably they found each other once again in St. Rose's Coffin, but no one may ever know for sure.

Glamour Magic Stages[edit | edit source]

By calling upon the magic of St. Rogers, the Glamour mage gains a mastery of sailing

Stage 1: You gain mastery of seafairing skills.

Stage 2: You gain the ability to repair any ship you're on with a thought, though not without great difficulty

Stage 3: While piloting a ship, you may become one with the ship, guiding it as easily as you might walk or run. Similarly, you feel it's pain.

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