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Sorte is the magic of the Vodacce Witches.


Sorte is drawn from The Sorcerer Pact; where the ancient Numan Senetors drew power from the Syrneth for some unknown cost.


Sorte is rare but active in Vodacce but only among the women.


Sorte is the power to change a person's fate. The user can pull on the lines that connect people, dye them so that they change, or cut them remove that aspect from their life forever. It requires enormous amounts of time to learn what each string means and what the repercussions of changing/pulling it are.

This power is used exclusively for Voddace women. There has never been, and never will be, a male sorte user. The effects of Sorte tend to be long term plans, though some effects can be immediate (influencing the outcome of a specific fight for example). Sorte and Geas can cancel each other out


Stage 1: At stage 1, you are able to pull the strings of fate, accelerating already existing lines. For instance, if two people are destined to fall in love, you can speed that line up a bit, potentially changing other events. more malevolently, you might pull a line between mortal enemies such that they may kill each other sooner. This effect may take years to manifest.

Stage 2: At stage 2, you can dye the strings of fate, changing one path into another. To use the examples from before, you might make two lovers become the worst of enemies or bring the worst of rivals into th the best of allies. This, like pulling, is a long term effect.

Stage 3: At stage 3, you may cut the strands of fate. In doing so, you can make future events never happen. Two lovers may never meet, or two rivals may never fight. you can even influence the outcome of events (by changing the events that would lead to a persons death)


Sorte is a powerful magic which is difficult to understand. A special deck of cards - called a Sorte Deck - and a ritual unique to each Sorte Witch is required to use Sorte.