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A cup-hilted rapier and accompanying long dagger.

In the world of 7th sea, there are other talents in combat beside the use of magic. These are the Swordsmanship Schools: institutions that teach you the art of fighting with weapons. While any man or woman can, in theory, pick up a weapon and use it, the schools make you a master with the tool of choice, allowing you to carve your way through a battlefield with almost supernatural ease.

While schools are native to (and are located in) specific nations and regions, membership is not nationality dependent; anyone of any nation can learn the art of any school. Most people do not have the dedication to spend the thousands of hours it takes to achieve mastery of the sword. As such, most swordsmen tend to be driven by some cause or desire, rather then blind loyalty to a nation. While some swordsmen take this knowledge back to their nation to advance their cause, most remain independent of their former nation; instead becoming wandering swordsmen, dedicate themselves to the specific cause or quest that motivated them to become master swordsmen. To some this is the Church of Theus, to others it's the knight's code of Chivalry, to others its revenge, and to yet others it's a simple desire for wealth and power.

Most schools - those that teach sword fighting (excluding Bonita and El Punal Occulto) - provide an additional benefit: membership in The Swordsman's Guild. At Guild Lodges, members can always find a warm bed and meal at low cost, information, clients, and like minded warriors to learn and teach. The Guild is also the only organization in western Theah, whose members are legally allowed to duel. As a result, many nobles hire out guildsmen to defend their honor at high class parties and as bodyguards. Membership allows even the poorest of farmers children to be able to attend the most extravagant parties and rub shoulder with the most powerful men and women in this half the world. Anyone can become a member of the guild, so long as they can prove their mettle, but school learners are automatically accepted after their "graduation". The Guild is not represented or accepted in the Empire of the Crescent Moon, Cathay, or any of the more distant places of the world.


The Fighting Schools of Theah
Name Home Description
Andrews Avalon A school of fencing that makes use of the Rapier
Donovan Avalon

An old style of swordsmanship based around the Old Empire's Gladus and a Buckler

Goodfellow Avalon

A style of Long-Bow usage based on the legendary exploits of Robin Goodfellow

Peecke Avalon A fighting style built around the use of the Quarterstaff
Robertson Avalon A fencing style based around using the Rapier in conjunction with a cloak to feint and entangle
Finnegan Inismore A style of pugilism (fist fighting) native to Inismore
MacDonald The Highland Marches A traditional style of swordsmanship native to the Highland Marches which makes use of the massive Claymore
Aldana Castille

A style of fencing based around Rapier defense and teaches proper etiquette. It is popular among nobles

Gallegos Castille A style of fencing based around quick movements with a single Rapier
Gustavo Castille A style of fencing built upon mounted combat use of the Rapier
Soldano Castille A style of fencing built to use two Rapiers in conjuction with quick movements
Torres Castille A style of fencing built upon the use of the Rapier to attack and the cloak to defend
Zepeda Castille A style of fighting using the Whip to bind and disarm the enemy.
Hua Shao Ren Te Cathay

Using a Jian (a double-edged straight sword), Hua Shao Ren Te uses quick movements and soft martial arts to defeat its enemies

Shan Dian Dao Te Cathay Using a Dao (a single-edged saber like sword), Shan Dian Dao Te uses heavy strikes and feints.
Zheng Yi Quan Cathay Zheng Yi Quan uses a combination of soft and hard martial arts to strike and defend, even against slow-moving ranged weapons.
Wu Tsain Cathay Wu Tsain uses techniques of soft martial arts pprimarily for self defense and never actually strikes its oponents; instead using their own strength against them
Tie Xiong Kung Cathay

Tie Xiong Kung uses hard martial arts and decisive movements to deliver powerful blows.

Chin Te Cathay Using a Seurng Tjat Koen (a pair of long wooden rods connected by a chain), Chin Te uses precise movements to disarm opponents and strike them down.
Ki Kwanj Cathay This form uses all limbs to strike hard at the enemy where they least expect it. It's a form of kick boxing.
Shaktishaalee Cathay This form uses a Tulwar (an elongated scimitar) while mounted to great effect.
Ying Sun Wo Cathay This form of hard martial arts emphisizes fighting dirty; often going for the throat or eyes.
Chima Gongjian Shou Cathay This fighting style is a method of mounted archery.
Daphan The Empire of the Crescent Moon

Using a scimitar, Daphan uses heavy strikes and swings to intimidate its oponents.

Marikk The Empire of the Crescent Moon This style uses a pair of knives to get close to the target where they cannot strike easily and attack relentlessly.
Sersemlik The Empire of the Crescent Moon This style uses two-handed swords and attacks with them at extremely high speeds at strange angles
Vahiy The Empire of the Crescent Moon This style actually is a method of horse back military command and is designed to allow for the fast distribution of orders during an engagement.
Yael The Empire of the Crescent Moon One of the oldest styles in the world, Yael uses two scimitars and attacks quickly with weight.
Drexel Eisen

Based on the Highland Claymore style of fighting, Drexel makes use of an even larger balde - a Zweihander - and dirty fighting to destroy enemies

Durchsetzungburg Eisen This style of fencing uses a Rapier and scholarly lnowledge of anatomy, tactics, and terrain to control the fight.
Eisenfaust Eisen This deadly style of fighting uses a broadsword to strike and a panzerhand to break enemy weapons
Gelingen Eisen This style of fighting was made to fight against the creatures lurking in the dark. It makes use of whatever is on hand and knowledge of anatomy to destroy monsters
Hopken Eisen This fighting style focuses on mastery of the crossbow
Loring Eisen Like Eisenfaust, this style uses the Panzerhand to break weapons, but it also uses the panzerhand as a weapon to cut into enemies and pull them off balance
Posen Eisen This style of cavalry uses a Boar Spear as a lance to strike at enemies from the safety of a horse
Steil Eisen Rather then a style of fighting, Steil is a school of command for the nobles of Eisen with an emphasis on diplomacy.
Unabwendbar Eisen Like Steil, this style is for command, but it emphasises scholoarly tactics over diplomatic means.
Boucher Montaigne

This is a form of dual-knife using fighting used by many criminals within Montaigne.

Gaulle Montaigne This style of fighting uses a rapier and a small three-bladed dagger. It makes heavy use of parrying and disarming
Rois et Reines Montaigne This style of highting is one of the newest and uses a musket with bayonet. It is used heavily by the common soldier.
Tout Pres Montaigne This style of fighting uses a Rapier and whatever else might be avalible to strike quickly and oddly
Valro ux Montaigne The most common fighting style in Theah, Valro uses a Rapier to attakc and a Main Gauche to defend
Bogatyr Ussura

This style of fighting uses a woodcutters axe to cut people apart like trees. It also teaches you how to hunt via ambush.

Buslayevich Ussura This style of fighting grew out of the need to hunt with a bow and ride a horse.
Dobrynya Ussura This style is for wrestling enemies and prey to the ground.
Halfdansson Vestenmannavnjar

This style of fighting uses the Harpoon and grew out of early whaling

Kjemper Vestenmannavnjar This style of fighting uses a Heavy Sheild and a Longsword to destroy enemies.
Larsen Vendel A recent style developed by the Vendel, this fencing style uses a Rapier and a Lantern and emphasises the use of terrain to your advantage.
Leegstra Vestenmannavnjar One of the oldest styles, Leegstra uses any heavy axe or sword  and wrestling moves to attack like a beast
Ramussen Vendel A Vendel style, this style is for the up and coming buisnessman and uses a pistol and good manners to protect the user.
Siggursdottir Vestenmannavnjar This style uses a hand axe to rip enemies apart up close or at range
Snedig Vendel This Vendel fencing style uses medical knowledge to better aim Rapier blows and was developed by a Vendel surgeon
Swanson Vendel This style of fighting makes use of the swordcane and underhanded tactics.
Urostifter Vestenmannavnjar A true Vestenmannavnjar style of fighting, this style uses two Longswords and relentless attacks to destroy opponenets
Ambrogia Vodacce

A bastardization of Valro ux, Ambrogia uses a Rapier and a Main Gaunche for fencing, but adds in a degree fo dirty fighting for fair measure.

Bernoulli Vodacce This style of fencing uses a Rapier interspersed with pugalism to wreck enemies
Cappuntina Vodacce This style grew up on the streets and uses throwing knives and dancing to great effect (at close or long range)
Lucani Vodacce The most direct of Vodacce styles, this style uses a broad sword and fists to pummel enemies
Villanova Vodacce This fencing style uses a rapier and a knife to parry and strike quickly and precisely.
The Friars The Vaticine Church, The Objectionists

This form of pugilism focuses on using improvised weapons and fists to protect the life of your flock.

Rossini The Vaticine Church, The Objectionists This ancient form of combat is almost as old as the church. It uses a Halberd and wrestling techniques to protect the highest members of the church
Swords of Solomon The Vaticine Church, The Objectionists This fighting style is used by the elite soldiers of the church to protect itself and advance it's will. It uses a Rapier and a Shield to fight.
Shield Man The Explorer's Society

Shield Men are the muscle of the organization, protecting the more scholarly explorers no matter the situation. They are trained to keep in perfect shape and fight dirty with anything on hand.

Syrneth Tinkerer The Explorer's Society Tinkerer's aren't so much a school of fighting as a school of surviving. They use academic knowledge to activate ancient Syrneth devices to protect themselves.
Desaix The Knights of the Rose and Cross This fencing style is a modification of Valro ux, using a Rapier and Main Gaunche. The style however is much more manuverable (at the cost of heavier strikes). It focuses on parrying, feinting, and quick, precise strikes
Bonita The Invisible College This fencing school uses Rapiers and well trained bodies to fight. What it lacks in style and ability, it makes up for in stealth running speed.
Mortis Die Kreuzritter If it existed, Mortis would focus on remaining hidden and using a special folding knife called a Stiletto. It would focus on stelath and quick kills.
El Punal Occulto Los Vagos This style of fencing uses a Rapier to strike the enemies who find them and a Kinfe to strike the enemies who don't. They have a number of non-leathal techniques for enemies they wish to "speak" with.
Vipera ex Morsi Rilasciare

This knife technique focuses on stelath to get where needed and dirty tactics to kill enemies.

Necare Sophia's Daughters This style is based around using a poisoned knife. They are also trained in spycraft to gain access to resources they require.
Rogers The Pirate Nation Rogers, as you might expect, is the very first fencing style and is based around dirty fighting with a Rapier. It hasn't changed much over the centuries and is therefore somewhat weaker than the mainland styles, but maintains its edge on the sea where; no matter the state of the ocean, the stances are strong.