Theus gave us all we need. Why sell our freedom to those who offer us more?


The Rilasciare (Ril-ah-shee-AR-ay) are a group who advocates for the dismantling of all forms of authority. They oppose anything that limits human freedoms from public education to governments, to money, to the concept of ownership. Even religion and sorcery are enemies of the Rilasciare.

Active LocationsEdit

The Rilasciare are active in all nations save Cathay and The Empire of the Crescent Moon, though no nation actually likes them for obvious reasons. They have no official home nation since they oppose the concept of nations.

Fighting SchoolsEdit

Far from peaceful, the Rilasciare know how to fight for what they want.

Vipera ex Morsi - This knife technique focuses on stelath to get where needed and dirty tactics to kill enemies.

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