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Porte is the magic of Montaigne and is used activly.


Porte is drawn from The Sorcerer Pact; where the ancient Numan Senetors drew power from the Syrneth for some unknown cost.


Porte is activly used in Montaigne, but elsewhere users are generally hunted down and killed with extreme predjudice


Porte is the ability to tear open a rift in the world such that you may pass through to another location in range. The act of tearing these holes leaves your hands covered in a red liquid similar in all ways to blood. As you tear the hole, the world seems to scream in response. When in transit in a porte, creatures seem to whisper for you to open your eyes. They will do everything in their power to trick you into doing so. If you (or anyone with you) opens their eyes, they never exit the porte, their screams adding to the cacophony of screams the world makes when the tears are made.


Stage 1: At stage 1, a Porte mage may open a small rift that allows them to either move specially prepared items through the rifts to other locations or, alternatively, store items within a pocket space. The ritual to prepare an item requires making the item with the casters blood in an hour long ritual. you are limited to a radius of only a mile.

Stage 2: At stage 2, a Porte mage may open a rift large enough for one person to pass through, moving to any area with 5 miles of the caster. The caster cannot allow other people through - the magic will not allow it.

Stage 3: At stage 3, a Porte mage may open a larger rift, allowing multiple people safely through so long as they keep their eyes shut. The radius is now 10 miles.