Los Vagos is a group dedicated to a single purpose: protecting Castille.


With all the terrible problems going on in Castille, a resistance group has formed to fight back. Their goal is simple; to protect Castille from it's threats. It does so in three ways.

  1. Their agents protect King Salvador from the enemies within and without his government.
  2. Their agents thwart The Inquisition whenever able to remarkable success.
  3. They liberate people and places in Castille under Montaigne control.

Los Vagos is controlled by the mysterious "Vagabond"; a masked man who's saved King Salvador at least three times. Needless to say, the people of Castille deeply approve of Los Vagos and The Vagabond.

Who the Vagabond is or how Los Vagos manages to protect so many people is a mystery. Since the Vagabond has been known to appear wherever horrendous crimes are taking place - swooping in at the last minute to save the innocent - some believe he (or she) is a Porte mage, though most believe he/she is simply so well informed he just knows where to go.

The Vagabond has been seen in hundreds of locations - from the Castille front line against the Montaigne to beside the Castille king, to helping people in small villages under Inquisition threat. Some "Vagabonds" have been captured, but thus far these few have all been just well-meaning imposters. The Inquisition has a large bounty on his head, but thus far he/she has eluded them.

Active LocationsEdit

Los Vagos is only active within Castille, though they have reached out to lands beyond Castille when the need arises.

Fighting SchoolsEdit

Los Vagos has it's own unique form of fencing.

El Punal Occulto - This style of fencing uses a Rapier to strike the enemies who find them and a Kinfe to strike the enemies who don't. They have a number of non-leathal techniques for enemies they wish to "speak" with.

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