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King Elilodd is one of the legendary figures of Avalon and a source of Glamour magic


In the legends of King Elilodd, he forged a lasting friendship with the Sidhe that was the source of all Glamour. For many years thereafter, he remained a favorite with the Seelie. He was the first to unite Avalon under a single ruler.

Glamour Magic Stages[]

By calling upon the magic of King Elilodd, the Glamour mage gains great speed.

Stage 1: You become a master of interacting with the Sidhe. Seelie will find you charming while the Unseelie find you intimidating

Stage 2: You may call upon the Sidhe for aid, no matter where you are. A Seelie will aid you to the best of it's abilities, but Unseelie who answer the call may attack you on site. In either event, the Sidhe will require a price for it's service (though Unseelie prices are more like punishments)

Stage 3: While standing still, you may create a circle of protection against the Unseelie. Unseelie cannot enter or affect you or anyone near you (within 10 ft). If you move, fall asleep or someone exits the circle, the effect ends immediatly.