Jing Heung (The Golden Soul) is the most common faith among the Cathay, along with it's associated magic Huan Shu


The Golden soul believes in a dizzying pantheon of gods, with eight "immortals" as the primary gods of the world. they believe that if you practice the augmentation of your body until it is perfect, and the meditation of the mind until it is at peace, your soul will become "golden" and escape a cycle of rebirth that all people are caught in. The goal is to escape before a great disaster befalls the world - currently held at bay by the eight immortals. Worshiped almost exclusively in Cathay

Associated Magic: Huan ShuEdit

Huan Shu (The Path of The Golden Soul) is rare but actively used in Cathay and even rarer in the rest of Theah. Huan Shu is, strictly speaking, not a "magic" - it is intense training and meditation to transcend the limitations of the human body using the power of the soul - called "qi". Unlike most paths, Huan Shu is just the mental and spiritual side of Jing Heung. Most users seek physical improvement as well and therefore learn a fighting style from Cathay.

Huan Shu has but one stage. This stage allows a Huan Shu user to channel his/her qi through the body to push his/her strength, speed, agility, and endurance to the absolute limit of human ability by embracing a higher level of spirituality.

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