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Jack is one of the legendary figures of Avalon and a source of Glamour magic


Jack's legends tell of his trickery and guile. The victims of his trickery (usually giants) seldom realized what he had done until it was too late. Even more impressive, Jack was nearly invincible in his own home.

Glamour Magic Stages[]

By calling upon the magic of Jack, the Glamour mage gains the ability to call upon his tricks.

Stage 1: You gain the ability to transform a small object into one of several useful tools until dawn. If the tool is destroyed, so is the object. The possible tools are: a knife, a fist sized hunk of cheese, a bird, a rock, a pair of dice, a normal sized playing card or Sorte card, a gold coin, a 20ft ball of twine, or a button.

Stage 2: You gain the ability to transform yourself into a number of different shapes until dawn. The shapes are: a child, an elder, a beautiful/hansome noble, a bland pleasent, and an intimidating looking person.

Stage 3: You may enchant a building to grant it special, magical properties. It takes one month and a tear from a Sidhe to do it. You may add three of the following abilities to the building. You may only enchant one such building.

1) You cannot die in the building

2) Only your magic works in the building

3) You always know where everyone and everything is in the building

4) No one may enter the building without your permission

5) No one ages while in the building

6) The building always has a fully stocked pantry

7) You can instantly rearrange the contents of the building with a thought

8) The building cannot be harmed in any way

9) The inside of the building is twenty times larger than the outside

10) No one can find the building without your help