Isaac Snaggs is one of the legendary figures of Avalon and a source of Glamour magic.


Isaac Snaggs is famous for his lightning-fast hands. He was serving in the Avalon army when his unit ran out of arrows for their longbows. Running out in front of the enemy, Isaac caught every arrow that was fired at him and took them back to his own unit to replenish their stores. Thanks to his efforts, they defeated the Montaigne army.

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By calling upon the magic of Isaac Snaggs, the Glamour mage gains incredible hand speed.

Stage 1: Your ability to block attacks becomes enhanced to human-peak levels.

Stage 2: You may now catch missile weapons with your bare hands, including arrows and thrown weapons.

Stage 3: You may now catch firearm shots with your bare hands, including those from pistols and rifles, though not cannon balls.

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