El Fuego Adentro Magic is and extinct Magic native to Castille.


El Fuego Adentro is drawn from The Sorcerer Pact; where the ancient Numan Senetors drew power from the Syrneth for some unknown cost.


El Fuego Adentro is extinct, having been wiped from Theah by the Church of the Prophets. If seen, expect the Vaticine church to make your destruction a priority.


El Fuego Adentro is the ability to control and manipulate fire to the users will. It does not allow one to actually create fire - you must have a source of flame and is still dependant on an external fuel source.


Stage 1: At stage 1, a sorcerer can control flames, making them stronger or weaker as desired. He/she still requires the fuel needed to sustain the flames, though he can use some of his magic to spread the flames out in blasts of fire. These blasts cannot travel more then 50 ft away before they fade.

Stage 2: The sorcerer is now strong enough to maintain a fire on his magic alone. He can spread flames to objects (even non-flammable objects such as water) and maintain the flame so long as it remains within the 50 ft range

Stage 3: The sorcerer is now at his peak. He can create "living" shapes from the flames that are self sustaining. Common shapes include fire birds and dragons. These shapes must still be made within the 50 ft range, but after their creation, they can move and act as their creator commands. Once the creator leaves the 50 ft range, the creature will act on its own, but will not intentionally harm the creator. A creator can dismiss their creation at will (if in range) and another El Fuego Adentro can control the creature so long as it is outside it's creators control.

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