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Duman'kir was native to The Empire of the Crescent Moon before its extinction at the hands of the Church of the Second Prophet.


The Source of Duman'kir is unknown, though most suspect it's a temptation placed on mortals by the Rakshasas


Duman'kir is extinct thanks to the efforts of the church of the Second Prophet. If seen, expect all denominations of the prophet's church to make your destruction a priority


Duman'kir is translated as "mist-dog" magic. It allows you to gain some preditory like features and summon mist to your aid. Rumors suggest that the magic eventually turns you into a green eyed monster called a Rakshasas, though this has never been proven.


Stage 1: a Duman'kir user may call upon the water in the air to coalesce into a thick fog that hides you from view. There must be water in the air to use this power, and the Fog can only spread out with 150ft.

Stage 2: a Duman'kir can now call upon his or her magic to become more predatory. While covered in Fog (natural or as called by your power), you become less distinct. Noticing you requires active searching. You may move through the mist silently, and you cannot be heard unless you actively speak or try to make noise. Despite this, you are still a physical creature, and can otherwise act normally. The user also gains fangs and claws.

Stage 3: a Duman'kir master may become one with the mist. Your body transforms into a cloud of mist which you may control. all you were carrying drops to the ground and you cannot interact with any object physically. You can pass through anything but an air-tight seal. You cannot be harmed by any physical ability, but you can still be affected by mental abilities (such as Sorte or some Laerdom powers). You appear as noting but mist, save two green specks of light that act as your eyes.