Druidic Symbol

The traditional religion of Avalon, it forwards that one can watch the world and predict the course of events. It has no gods, only the Sidhe who are spirits of nature. If one is well versed enough in the prediction of the world, it becomes possible to even influence the course of events - if only just slightly. It is not outlawed in Avalon, though it is discouraged by the Queen. Few druids venture out of Avalon without great reason

Associated Magic: GeasEdit

Geas is the ability to predict and alter the outcome of events. It is similar to Sorte on several levels, but differs in that it changes events instead of people.


Communion with Nature


Stage 1: At the lowest level, it is possible to predict the minor events of the future and what choices need to be made. You have some inkling of which choice will lead to the best results in the long term. You can use this knowledge to encourage allies to take the easiest route - where events will mostly be in their favor.

Stage 2: At this stage, with a long enough time of study, you can predict the basic events of how a person will die (such as "you will not die by a gun" or "you will be killed by a left handed swordsman") What you do with this information is up to you. You may never read your own fate or that of another druids - the act undoes itself by it's own power.

Stage 3: At this stage, it is possible to change the course of events ever so slightly. Your knowledge of what will happen expands into knowledge of what could happen and where these paths intersect, allowing you to pick and choose paths that offer the best results in both the short and long-term. It still cannot be used on your own life or that of another druids.

Special: Druidism is only tolerated within Avalon, and there only barely. Geas and Sorte can cancel each other out.

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