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Dracheneisen is a material found only in the nation of Eisen. Only they know the secret of how to craft it.


The strange clay like substance is mined from the soil of Eisen by the nobility of Eisen. Only the forgers of the material know the secret of turning it from soft clay into hard weapons, armor, and tools, and only they know how to destroy it.


Dracheneisen is a rare substance and is strictly controlled by the Eisenfürsts.


Dracheneisen is not actually a magic, but a material. Buried within the ground of Eisen are veins of a soft, clay like substance that, when correctly processed, becomes the strongest and lightest material known to humanity. The material is nigh-unbreakable, strong as steel, can be sharpened during forging to form blades that never lose their edge, and is still light enough to be buoyant in salt water. The exact method of creation is a closely guarded secret. Only the forgers - called Nibelung - know the secret of Dracheneisen destruction. No piece has ever left Eisen possession for more than a week in the history of the nation. Most Dracheneisen owners are nobles, though some pieces have been given to members of the military who show great prowess in battle (usually because of fighting school mastery).


Stage 1: Stage one means you are a petty noble of Eisen. You only have a small piece of Dracheneisen (such as a dagger or other small weapon) or a small shield. This item could be a gift from a greater noble, or you could be from a weak noble family.

Stage 2: Stage two means you are a minor noble of Eisen. You likely have a chest armor, a shield, and a weapon of whatever design you use. You are knowledgeable of most of the noble families, but are distant from the politics of the nation.

Stage 3: Stage three means you are a major noble of Eisen. You have a full suit of armor (chest plate, gauntlets/panzer-hands, boots, helmet, and a weapon of your choice. You are the extremely important in Eisen, second only to more successful nobles and the Eisenfursts