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The Knights of the Cross were wiped out in 1411... or were they?


The Knights of the Cross were destroyed in the battle of Tannen in 1411; nearly anyone can tell you this. But, despite having happened over two centuries ago, rumors persist that the Die Kreuzritter survived the battle of Tannen and survive to this day in secret. Some claim that they have become the right hand of the Hierophant. Others claim they became a secret order of assassins. Yet others claim they protect innocent people across the world. And yet others claim they now guard Syrneth ruins from the shadows. That said, most don't believe a word of it; they died at Tannen.

Everyone agrees that IF they DID survive, they'd be one of the best kept secrets in Theah.

Active Locations[]

If the Order were alive today, they would be active Eisen - their homeland. If even half the rumors were true, they'd be active in every other western Theah nation; particularly Castille where the Hierophant normally lives. The order managed to hold a good reputation in The Empire of the Crescent Moon - one of the few groups to pull it off - so they would likely be active even there.

Fighting School[]

Rumors, being rumors, have a tendancy to grow. According to the assassin theory, the Knights have learned a unique type of knife fighting.

Mortis - If it existed, Mortis would focus on remaining hidden and using a special folding knife called a Stiletto. It would focus on stealth and quick kills.

Magic: Nacht and Nightblade[]

The most outragious of rumors however is that the order acquired a strange kind of magic. The common people love to make up the details of the magic. These are the most common versions

Nightblade: The Nightblade is supposedly given to the user by a Syrneth artifact called "The Black Glove" and allows the user to call an invisible blade from the palm of their hand. The blade happens to work perfectly with the Mortis fighting style of course.

Nacht Magic: This rumor says that theknights put on a Syrneth ring called "The Black Ring", which permanently grants the user the ability to walk through shadows, kind of like Porte magic but without the universe tearing.

It's such a shame all of this is mere fiction.